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Frequently Asked Questions

The following codes are provided in packages of various value amounts. You can purchase the package that most suits your needs. More Restaurants and savings will be added daily - so check back often

Answers to how to order and use the codes are best provided in a Q & A format that follows:

Questions pertaining more specifically to the codes.

1- What payment processor do you use? PayPal which is recognized as the leading online payment portal providing excellent buyer/seller protection.

2- what happens after I order? - Your order is sent immediately and automatically. As it is a digital product it is sent to the email address associated with your payment.

3- What if I do not see the order in my email inbox? The order is sent through a high authority sender - still with the complications of email filters occasionally there may be cases where it could be caught in a spam filter. If that happens, check your junk / spam folder on your email account.

4- In what format are the codes provided? The codes are sent to you in a PDF document that is readable on 99% of all devices. Each code will be sent with an easy to scan QR code, plus you will have the numerical code as well.

5- How do I use them? You can either print the document and take the printed code to be scanned, or you can pull it up on your mobile device before you go to the checkout and have the cashier scan from your device. Extremely easy to use.

6- Will there only be one code? Now this is important. The packages may have 1 to 8 different codes with different value amounts, but they will total the amount of the advertised package. The packages are put together this way to allow you the most versatility using the codes. Pick the package that best serves your usage.

7- Will I be able to use all the credit on a code? Yes - and this is another important point. You can use more than one code at the register when paying your bill. Also, if there is more credit on the code than needed to settle your bill - the unused amount will still be on the code for your next visit.

8- What kind of support do you provide if a code does not work? The codes are confirmed before they are sent out. Also, with most types you will receive a toll free number that you can confirm the code for yourself before using them. As perhaps you know - unforseen issues such as glitches in point-of-sale systems and cashier errors can occur. Of course, those type of things are beyond our ability to control, but for whatever reason - if you have a code that does not work just contact us and it will be replaced. No questions asked - because we want you to save money.

Questions pertaining more specifically to the card type coupons.

9- How are the card coupons sent? They are sent via USPS first class mail.

10- Will it be sent with tracking? Not always - it depends on the nature of the order.

11- Will instructions be sent with the coupons? Yes - and they are of the common sense variety.

12- What happens if the coupon does not work in my area? These have a high rate of acceptance on a nationwide basis, but we do see areas where they may not work as well. All coupons of this nature are subject to the provision of "good at participating locations" which means that a location can decide for itself to accept or reject. If they do not work - again just email and we have the same no questions asked policy and will either refund or replace at your choice.

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